AACA AdCount Software - Make Your Business Count...


AACA Media Awards

Comprehensive agency application software that counts your chickens before they are hatched!

Right from the client’s brief, Business planning to client billing and beyond. Till you realize that last dime left in the operation, AdCount will stand guard to your business interest.

AACA has developed this software based on the business needs of this business sector. It is being made available to its member agencies and also to nonmember advertising agencies.

The software has been getting overwhelming response from those agencies which have bought its licensed software. AdCount allows multiple installation within an agency—both on server based applications, so also for stand-alone computers. The software is constantly being upgraded based on the application queries or needs. Upgraded software will be provided to all licensed users.

AdCount is custom designed to make an y ad agency a media specialist agency. AdCount can automate agency business processes related to media operations, Integrate work flow & communication with media organization, clients & other such stake holders ;, improve day-to-day control, cut human error levels. This forms the basis for Business Planning, Media Plans, Media specific Inputs, Implementation Plans, Media Selection gird, Media quotation for casual clients, Media buying control, Operations, Monitoring, Invoicing, Bills Settlement, receivables & Payables and on line mailing Communications, etc.

AdCount has some built-in unique features like Classified ad application which can count multiple Indian Language words and raises accurate estimates.

For demonstration request and further details write us on info@adcircle.in or WhatsApp: +91 7046961234