About Ahmedabad Advertising Circle Association...

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Ahmedabad Advertising Circle Association(AACA), as the name suggests, is a network of advertising agencies based in Ahmedabad. Publicity has become inevitable for any sector and for any scale of industry in this era of information and advertising. The raising need for publicity brought AACA into existence.

It was year 1991, when AACA was founded and in the course of 20 years, more then 85 premier advertising agencies are active member of AACA.

The execution of the circle is democratic by nature. Every two year, its executive members are being selected by democratic process.

Way ahead...

AACA is chalking down the plans to enhance knowledge, update the members about the latest trends in the sector and provide various benefits to the members. Following are some plans in pipeline.


AACA envisions promoting the advertising sector of Ahmedabad through empowering its members by providing latest information about various media & its policies and by sharing latest trends in advertising.